About Our Company

China Zipper which is one of the largest zipper manufacturer has been in the accessories industry, more than 20 years of professional management experience is the nation's largest suppliers of zipper Company . As the manufacturer which specializes in the production zipper includeing metal zipper, resins zipper, nylon zipper, invisible zipper and so on. We cooperate with many zipper manufacturer which posses of more than 500 sets of zipper manufacturing equipment and zipper machinery. We you have the most advanced quality testing equipment, scientific production technology and complete facilities, has been the formation of ribbon, dyeing, painting, row m, assembly, testing, packaging series production line, Nissan zipper 250,000, peak day capacity to reach about 350,000.

Our more than 30 years of professional experience, providing customers with all kinds of zipper products. Varieties include: invisible, nylon, plastic teeth and a variety of different types of metal zipper. Styles are: close end, open end, the drop-down, two pull, etc. to choose .

The zipper factory is self-production plant, covering an area of 130,000 square feet and employs more than 500 employees.Our product are used as the part of zipper bag,zipper dress and so on. In addition to zipper, there is production of various kinds of metal buttons products. Varieties include: JEANS BUTTON, emergency button, alloy button, hit nails, corns, metal signs and buckle products such as button, the monthly production capacity of 200,000 articles.

Many years of in-house training and run through the world-famous zipper business and international company of well-known management consulting firms, we have combined the Japan zipper manufactuer, Taiwan, professional management personnel. Through continuous optimization of management processes, China Zipper's management team has matured and steadily with a global strategic thinking to the professional management team forward.

We deeply understand that province can be assured that the use of China Zipper products carefully how important it is for you. Today, the leading business relies on to provide unity China Zipper, active and timely support and services. China Zipper has specialized after-market service department, this is a nation-wide to provide technical support and customer service specialist teams. China Zipper Integrated Service Network, including product advice, quality assurance, technical support, technology and customer service training, materials management, and hotline services, and for the effective implementation of these services segments. Models in the product selection, consulting, application guidance, research and development cooperation is equally user-oriented to provide technical support services.