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a sliver metal zipper China Zipper which is one of the largest zipper manufacturer has been in the accessories industry, more than 20 years of professional management experience is the nation's largest suppliers of zipper Company . As the manufacturer which specializes in the production zipper includeing metal zipper, resins zipper, nylon zipper, invisible zipper and so on. We cooperate with many zipper manufacturer which posses of more than 500 sets of zipper manufacturing equipment and zipper machinery. We you have the most advanced quality testing equipment, scientific production technology and complete facilities, ha... Read Detail

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Our product include three series of nylon,plastic-steel and metal. The model ranges from 3# to 35# .We possese of various material and size zippers.
We develop our technology on and on, we have researched more than 100 new technological zipper products such as nylon zipper, waterproof zipper , flame-retardant zipper ,reflection-light zipper , storage luminescence zipper, laser zipper, sandal zipper .And cooperate more than company which posses of more than patent pulls. View our zipper products

metal zipper Y model

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Strong Team
By working with world-famous zipper business and international cooperation of well-known management consulting company s, we have combined the Japan, Taiwan, professional management personnel. Management team has matured steadily with a global strategic thinking to the professional management team forward.
We are committed to: Product in use in the process of quality problems, if there were identified belonging to the product quality problems, can cost your company to buy the same product in question.
We cooperate with company which produce Model-Y zipper in a big scale and posses of more than petant zipper pull.
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