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Wenzhou, Yiwu: Two-way zipper hand in hand| 8/27/2009 2:10:10 PM

In mid-June, in our interview team to Wenzhou Wenzhou interview, representatives of the Association and Wenzhou, Yiwu Zipper Zipper Association (business) on behalf of the sit together, discuss how to respond to the recent Turkey against China's anti-dumping investigations zipper problem.

Wenzhou Zipper Industry Association, said the staff, Wenzhou, Yiwu two places zipper enterprises in the fierce market competition, both competitors is also a close partner, in a sense, it is community of interest. Regularly exchange information with each other, especially in recent years, Yiwu, Yiwu market, relying on reputation and radius and established the country's largest distribution center zipper, so that the two closer together.

The early 80s of last century is the zipper company, Wenzhou, Yiwu market and "goei" era. At that time, Wenzhou zipper industries have begun to rise in the bridge, there are some hand-cranked machines production zipper family workshops. Yiwu people, including China's largest zipper manufacturer --- "Wei Hai", including Chairman of TAO Hai-brother went to the bridge traffic in zipper Yiwu market. Bridge was not only cheap zipper, Yiwu market, provide a rich source of goods, promote the prosperity of the Yiwu market, but also later in Yiwu, the birth of such a group as the TAO Hai-brother zipper entrepreneurs gain experience and capital, has laid a good foundation.

At that time, bridge, like zippers and buttons, has a very unique way --- to rely on the sale of idle labor in various cities to run sales, high cost of this approach, and are subject to sales staff the ability to influence large. Yiwu market, the rise for the Bridgehead zipper industry to find a low-cost distribution platform, bridge operators speedy completion of many of the original accumulation of capital.

Zipper Co., Ltd. Yiwu Xinyi Huang Jian is the person in charge Lucheng District, Wenzhou people, before coming to Yiwu, husband and wife are employees of two enterprises in Wenzhou, the two add up to the monthly wages of less than 500 yuan. Jian Huang's father-in Lucheng district has a small zipper and more than 10 plants, 70% of its products, Yiwu operated by a family consignment. Beginning of 1993, Huang Jian-law wife for a small plant to visit Yiwu market, to Yiwu, Yiwu market, after seeing strong trading sentiment and fiery scene, immediately decided to father, "volunteered" for his small factory to Yiwu to open up the market. Carrying all of their savings Qi Babai couple dollars to start their entrepreneurial careers in Yiwu. The first year, earned 3 million, that is the couple in the past five times the annual income the following year, it earned 10 million. A few years later, father's production of small factories can no longer meet the needs of Huang Jian sales, but also underwrite a local father of 56, as Huang Jianyue small factory products. Huang Jian Yi is now in the South set up their own factories, run businesses have played a zipper.

Yiwu China Commodity City by virtue of the distribution platform, to form the current domestic, and even Southeast Asia's largest zipper distribution market in Yiwu, a zipper Binwang Street, Market Road and the former road and other places, were distributed in more than 500 stores zipper annual market sales of reached more than 80 million, of which Wenzhou products accounted for 30%.

The adsorption power of the market for commodities is always a "magnetic" to "iron" relationship between the Sea of the Yiwu market, the famous quality products throughout the country has a magnet-like absorption edge, the right also have excellent business irresistible charm.

Zipper Industry Association in Yiwu list, we see Zhou Aiguo, Chen see light, Jian Huang Wenzhou such a long list of names. Zipper Industry Association in Yiwu inside, setting up factories or set up in Yiwu Wenzhou companies have six. At present factories large and small, Wenzhou, Yiwu has reached more than 10 companies zipper. In Yiwu Wenzhou, if not because of shortage of land resources, Yiwu, Wenzhou, zipper past two years there will be more companies move to Yiwu.

Earlier this year, Wenzhou, Yiwu zipper association to hold mass greeting. In the gathering at the meeting, the two "zipper giant" in the idea of brewing an astonishing: from the two companies to have the strength zipper together to form "Zhejiang zipper aircraft carrier" in order to grow in Zhejiang zipper industry and the probability of foreign anti-dumping litigation. In Wenzhou, many local entrepreneurs who have heard of "Win-Win Team," success stories, such as "Sino-Swedish consortium," and so on, but the Wenzhou enterprises and foreign enterprises to join hands for the first time. , Wenzhou, Yiwu started earlier than the zipper, with the industry first-mover advantage, smart Wenzhou active "throwing Hydrangea" fancy, of course, relying on Chinese small commodity market in this distribution platform, to build China's largest distribution center zipper.