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China zipper facing the industry reshuffle| 8/27/2009 2:02:50 PM

In 2009 China's hardware industry is never quiet, while the zipper industry as an important member of metal industry also faces a new test. Zipper enterprises through a series of large-scale, standardization, and information technology and other coping strategies so that the operators will move towards a new historical stage, at the same time is bound to accelerate the industry reshuffle.

     Since 2003, China became the world's largest zipper manufacturing countries, the current global "Made in China" zipper up to 90%, while the manufacturing sector in China, among the zipper, Yiwu also occupies a pivotal position. Yiwu There are more than 300 zipper manufacturing enterprises with an annual production zipper more than 10 billion meters. At the same time, Yiwu is the world's largest zipper Products Trading Center, the National zipper manufacturing enterprises 80% set up a sales window in Yiwu. Yiwu zipper industry, production and sales across the country has been ranked first in the region.

     It is no exaggeration to say that the whole world is using China's zipper, but the zipper in the high-end market, less than 10% are made in China. As the world's largest zipper producer, more than 2,000 zipper with a certain scale manufacturing enterprises and over one million employees in the low-end market the athletic field, carried out a brutal low-price competition, industry crisis is increasingly apparent. How to slit a way out amidst a vast sky, around the corner. Immediately after introduction of Yiwu City Zipper Industry Alliance standard, while fully demonstrating the industry break loose zipper, Yiwu, blaze a new trail determination.

     In fact, zipper manufacturing process is simple, investment is also low, so the overwhelming majority of family workshops for small businesses, and some do not even have to register the business sector. At present, China zipper industry, many small businesses have simple equipment, raw materials, non-acceptance into the factory, the product factory without inspection. Some enterprises even for profit, illegal use of "back feed" to secondary processing. The new industry standard will clear production materials, production processes, etc., the failure of the zipper would be to ban the production.

     Recently, Yiwu Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision zipper, Yiwu City, passed the appraisal standards Industry Alliance will soon be in Yiwu zipper enterprises to publish and implementation. It is understood that the industry standard for the national zipper industry's first local industry standards. Industry standards promulgated immediately after the zipper manufacturing industry caused no small repercussions. The industry believes that industry standards will directly affect the zipper to the whole country zipper manufacturing enterprises, and even contributed to the industry reshuffle.

     Yiwu has a "zipper industry base in China," the flagship, Yiwu City Zipper Industry Alliance standard will soon be hundreds of companies in Yiwu Zipper businesses to publish and implement, which means that the zipper industry, product quality, Yiwu, there will be a whole提高.

     With zipper industry "standards era" around the corner, some upbeat corporate performance, and regard it as a rare opportunity. Since the introduction of standards for them to remove from the "three non-corporate" competition, they can quickly transition according to market demand, the production standard zipper.

     With the introduction of Yiwu zipper industry standards, will further regulate the industry as a whole zipper product quality, and to make a number of failed small businesses automatically out of the market. Changes in consumer spending achievements of the concept of high-end zipper products, the price will no longer be the primary condition for consumers to purchase and replace it with the brand, technology, quality and other factors. At present, some companies focus on product safety and quality zipper, while also zipper look, color, style has been improved. Product quality and continuous improvement of product performance is expected to accelerate the process of zipper industry reshuffle.

     Zipper industry standard for a true far-reaching significance is to promote the entire industry, survival of the fittest. Once the formal implementation of industry standards, those old-fashioned equipment, production line was originally, long-term and did not conduct technological transformation and even overhaul, now badly deteriorated and could not meet the new production zipper zipper technical requirements for businesses are likely to retreat from the historical stage. Of their exit, thus freeing up space for the advantage of the brand can be achieved industry as a whole survival of the fittest.

     Some experts Analysis: Yiwu local industry standards will allow zipper industry launched a new round of competition, and further with international standards, which are not compliance, the failure of the enterprise will inevitably put out zipper.