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China zipper and the gap between international brands| 8/27/2009 2:14:19 PM

"China and the YKK zipper and other international brands of the major gap lies in the quality of staff training from the start with only the only way to fundamentally solve this problem." Yesterday, Fujian and Guangdong Federation of Industry Association Zipper Zipper Industry Association forum on the two companies held in Quanzhou Fujian zipper HUNG Ching, president of Association Branch, said at the meeting.

     Zipper industries and enterprises in Guangdong is China's largest and earliest history of the development of the province, has been hailed as a major source of China's industry, one of the zipper.

     According to reports, the exchange is Zipper Industry Association, Guangdong Federation of Industry first visit, the two sides have nearly 40 large and medium-scale domestic manufacturers of home to participate. The two sides inter-regional economic development efforts, and domestic zipper industry development issues prevalent in-depth exchanges. Zipper Industry Association, Guangdong Federation of Industry was established in 2002 by the Guangdong zipper industry, 23 companies sponsored organization, currently has more than 200 member companies, and to Taiwan-based enterprises.

     With international brands the least bit of difference

     In recent years, because the domestic zipper industry, intense competition, many domestic manufacturers of the zipper turning to the international market. Some large zipper companies are no longer content simply grafting even in the clothing, bags and other products on the indirect exports, choosing instead to direct export. In fact, as with the international zipper product quality gap still exists, which has caused the domestic zipper enterprises attach great importance.

     "Domestic zipper product is not a lack of high-quality products, but its quality and stability of the international brands have to lose in the zipper. Ensure that 10, 100, 1000 no problem of quality zipper, and will not be difficult; but in 10000, a few hundred thousand, 1 million zipper no problems or little problems very difficult. In fact, this is our products with the international zipper where the real gap. "Xinyu Zipper Weaving Co., Ltd. Jinjiang, chairman of Hong Qingjiang think.

     Yu Feng Machinery Co., Ltd., Foshan, Chairman Liu Yan has repeatedly taken part in relevant meetings of the Japanese YKK Corporation of its more detailed understanding of internal quality control. "YKK parts suppliers for its products the company has very strict requirements in order to pull the first example, 10000 is not allowed there is a pull head pull head for other types of them mixed. Face this problem, the supplier must be to the company making the report. It is also our domestic zipper accessories suppliers need to learn. "Liu Ming-yan said.

     Zipper Industry Association, Guangdong Federation of Industry Chien-Hsing Lee, president of the view that China's zipper industry more than a decade, the product quality has always been in the international community can not get grades, and reason is not doing quality control. The current domestic zipper industry is not strict product specifications, business is often because the customer requirements with low prices, and play tricks on in product quality. "In fact, the product of raw materials are similar, why the Japanese YKK can do better? Because they do not steal workers have been diminished material." Chien-Hsing Lee believes.

     Where is the quality of the fundamental

     Since quality is the key to the development of enterprises, then the most fundamental factor is the What? Xinyu Zipper Weaving Co., Ltd. Jinjiang, chairman of Hong Qingjiang that, first of all to improve the overall quality of staff, first-class staff in order to make a first-class products. Xinyu Zipper recruit staff to posts from the employee to go through pre-job safety training, skills training, standardized training, three off, there is no training, not posts. "We let the employees realize that failure of raw materials can not enter the factory, unqualified products are not manufactured."