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China Zipper Industrial Development Zaixian "core" crisis

China Zipper| 8/27/2009 6:33:49 PM

At present, China ranks first in the world zipper production, the same types of zippers, the developed countries the cost of more than 3 times higher than China. As a labor-intensive industries, as China's zipper popularity in the global market, anti-dumping, intellectual property and other trade barriers resulting hit

     At present, China's neighboring countries have become our competitors, so to get rid of the industry difficulties, we must shift away from labor and advantages of competitive quality and price up, which are more relied on the core patented technology can be realized.

     In the event of Turkey's right to impose anti-dumping tax my zipper, my zipper companies to once again face a new anti-dumping accusations. Recently, the reporter from the China Light Industry Arts & Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, noted that Egypt started my clothing zipper anti-dumping investigation.

     As a labor-intensive industries, zipper industry in China in recent years been rapid development. The data from the China National Hardware Association, show that China's zipper output has ranked first in the world. At present, a certain size zipper up to more than 2,000 manufacturing enterprises with annual sales of more than 20 billion yuan. With the zipper widening application areas, the domestic companies are entering the industry into a geometric growth in the number. However, the lower the access threshold for the industry, so most of the enterprises in China zipper starting from direct imitation, for a variety of patent implementation of "take-ism", and thus lead to foreign anti-dumping, intellectual property rights, trade crisis.

     The anti-dumping, intellectual property rights has followed the crisis, "the Egyptian government newspaper," published in 2007 No. 8 on the import or originating in China's garment zipper began to notice the anti-dumping investigations, the survey period of January 1, 2006 to 2006 December 31. To this end, China Light Industry Arts & Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, said that according to the Ministry of Commerce "Export products anti-dumping provisions" in the survey period, producing and exporting country or region to the investigators involved products are involved in business enterprises. At the same time, this provision requires all the involved enterprises should actively participate in responding to in order to protect China's export products in overseas markets, to protect their own legitimate interests.

     In fact, this is my zipper industry for nearly two years of experience of the second anti-dumping accusations.

     Prior to this, Turkey has zipper on China anti-dumping investigation, the final decision rejected the market economy status of China's enterprises involved in the application, and all originated in China and other common metal zipper zipper 3 U.S. dollars per kilogram levy anti-dumping duties.

     As the zipper industry, the higher the proportion of labor costs, cheap labor force to become the greatest advantage of China's zipper industry. In China, the zipper industry, labor hourly wage of about 0.5 U.S. dollars, is Mexico's 21%, Turkey 18%, South Korea's 8.33%, Japan 1.8%, U.S. 3.3%, France 2.6%. The same types of zippers, the developed countries the cost of more than 3 times higher than China. Basis due to the cheap labor, China's zipper products in the international competition in the market are mostly taking the low road. Japan's Yoshida produced by YKK zippers one meter can be sold to 15 U.S. dollars, while the production of the zipper, Yiwu, Zhejiang, one meter can only sell 7 angle yuan.

     Achieved by relying on cheap labor market, is not solid. Because China's production of zippers are mostly OEM or imitation products, lack of core technology, which makes the anti-dumping accusations followed. Meanwhile, the patented technology has become the company's head hanging in the domestic zipper a sword.

     Statistics show that at present China has applied for a patent with the zipper on a total of 670, including 198 invention patents, which were called the "Zipper King" of the Japanese YKK Industry Co., Ltd. on the holds 146, accounting for 74%; Appearance Patent YKK also accounted for 45% of the total.

     Reporter learned from the Fujian Association zipper, YKK has in our country for more than 200 technology and the appearance of the zipper patents, which pull the proportion of head shape, appearance of the patent is relatively high. YKK a large majority of patent applications for invention patents, which covers a number of zipper products, even including the production equipment and processing methods.