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China zipper should break up Japan's high-end monopoly| 8/27/2009 1:57:24 PM

The annual National Conference and China zipper zipper Summit Forum held yesterday in Jinjiang, from Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shanghai and other provinces and cities large and medium sized zipper business elite who gathered. Numerous large-scale manufacturers, such as Fujian SBS Zipper Hing shares, Fuxing Group, Shanghai East Dragon Zipper, Wenzhou Great Wall Zipper, Guangdong Shun Hing zippers, zipper, and other enterprises in Shantou crown industry is mainly responsible for people to come to participants. The conference is also a branch of China National Hardware Association zipper triennial general election meeting. After the election, Fujian Xun Shi Neng-Hui Hing Group, will be re-elected president of China National Hardware Association, chairman of a branch of post zipper.

"Over the past three years, China has achieved rapid development zipper industry. Traditional zipper industries have begun to enter the capital markets, corporate brand concept of operations are increasingly being accepted by everyone, changes in the environment is gradually changing the business of ideas and decision-making. this year by the international and domestic macroeconomic factors, the country has slowed down the pace of industrial development zipper, but our industry is still very optimistic about the prospects for the development of! "Shi Neng-Hui analysis.

According to Shi Neng-hui introduced zipper industry in China in 2007 reached 34.5 billion annual production value over the previous year, an increase of 15%%, of which factors the raw material prices up 5%%. Zipper in the regional distribution of total sales in the market: Zhejiang, China accounted for 12.0 billion total sales zipper, Guangdong accounts for 100 billion yuan, accounting for 5.5 billion yuan, Fujian, Jiangsu, Shanghai accounted for 30 billion yuan, accounting for 4 billion yuan in other parts .

The "zipper industry has become a high-growth period of the past, industries have begun to face restructuring and upgrading. Zipper domestic enterprises of all sizes a total of more than 2,000 in the future to the remaining firms may be less than 500." Shanghai East Dragon Zipper directors of the Company Chang Hung-building in the Summit Forum of China to raise zipper.

Unlike previous years, the world's largest zipper manufacturer YKK first time this year in Japan send to the meeting. "In fact, this is a good sign. From Japan to create a sub-brand YKK zipper zipper officially enter the Chinese market, mid-range to send in the National zipper of the General Assembly this year, indicating that the world's oldest zipper industry has begun to take seriously the fact that the rise of China's zipper industry. We also hope that we can in a relatively standardized, orderly market environment of fair competition. "Yu-Feng Machinery, general manager of the South China Sea, said Liu Ming-yan.

This year, the biggest bright spot is that the other had been a monopoly in Japan YKK zipper Y-teeth metal zipper technology has begun in the domestic enterprises to promote. At the meeting, a lot of zippers manufacturers are discussing the issue of metal zipper manufacturing process. "In the future we are also prepared to convene a large zipper domestic manufacturing companies, metal zipper teeth for the Y Technology Symposium held." Shi Neng-Hui said "In the future YKK zipper monopoly of the high-end market, the pattern will definitely be broken."